Graduate College FREE of Debt

Get THE Guide to Graduate College FREE of Debt!

Imagine your life in 5 years. Are you a fresh college graduate ready to take on the world? Or are you a new college graduate ready to start paying back thousands of dollars in student loans? The choice is yours.

If you want to build a better future for yourself this Ebook is your guide to a debt free education.


11 chapters packed with information on how to obtain a college degree DEBT FREE, this book is a must have for high school students planning on attending college, parents of students that plan on attending college and non-traditional students looking to start their college career.

With simple to follow chapters that build basic understanding of WHY a person would attend college, how college is structured and HOW to pay for college, this book makes sure that each student is making the best decision for their future.

Containing 9 chapter Resource section that will help each student further explore each subject, this book will set each student up for the BEST future possible.

Chapters Include:

  • Why a Debt Free Education is Important
  • Creative Ways to Obtain College Credits
  • Choosing the Right College – YES it matters more than you think!
  • Understand How To Successfully Fill Out Scholarship Applications
  • FAFSA Explained
  • Scheduling Classes and WHY it matters
  • Budgeting 
  • And more!

Why Students NEED This Book

“I want every one of you to have the opportunity to leave your college of choice with the ability to choose any job that speaks to your heart because working for a cause is far greater than working for a paycheck.”

Filled with invaluable information and resources to help students get from high school to college graduate, this Ebook answers the following:

  • Why Students Should Attend College (It’s not for everyone!)
  • How To Find A College That Is The Right Fit – It matters more than you think!
  • Understand How To Successfully Fill Out Scholarship Applications 
  • FAFSA Explained – It’s not as difficult as it sounds! 
  • How To Budget – Budgeting for college is a must
  • And More!

Why Parents NEED This Book

If you are the parent of a student that is looking to attend college in the future you CAN NOT miss out on this resource. So many students need help finding the right direction for their future. Knowing why a person should attend college, how college is structured, how college scholarship applications should be filled out, what part FAFSA plays in your student’s financial future and more will help you to direct your student to a bright future.

No parent wants to see their child saddled with debt just as they are starting their career. Help insure that you child has the best future possible by helping them understand and navigate HOW to graduate college DEBT FREE. Don’t wait until your student has graduated high school, the earlier the start the better when it comes to planning for their higher education. Make sure that your child is taking each necessary step to a DEBT FREE education.

Meet The Author

Written by Monee Hutton, the content is the exact formula that she used to graduate with a bachelors degree DEBT FREE! Compiling all of the information that she learned in her journey to a debt free education, minus the mistakes she made along the way, this book is THE guide to follow on your own debt free educational journey.

Monee also runs the blog Farm Wife Blessed Life, is a graphic designer and web developer and loves helping others with her story.